[Openmp-commits] [compiler-rt] [llvm] [openmp] [TSan] Add instrumentation of AVX2 and AVX512 instructions (PR #74636)

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Wed Dec 6 11:40:43 PST 2023

@@ -213,6 +219,26 @@ void ThreadSanitizer::initialize(Module &M, const TargetLibraryInfo &TLI) {
   TsanIgnoreEnd =
       M.getOrInsertFunction("__tsan_ignore_thread_end", Attr, IRB.getVoidTy());
   IntegerType *OrdTy = IRB.getInt32Ty();
jprotze wrote:

Would it be ok to use `#pragma omp simd` and the `-fopenmp-simd` flag to convince clang to generate vector instructions? Or should we use clang-specific pragmas?


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