[Openmp-commits] [mlir] [flang] [openmp] [Flang][OpenMP] Initial mapping of Fortran pointers and allocatables for target devices (PR #71766)

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Wed Dec 6 03:50:52 PST 2023

@@ -1710,30 +1710,82 @@ bool ClauseProcessor::processLink(
 static mlir::omp::MapInfoOp
 createMapInfoOp(fir::FirOpBuilder &builder, mlir::Location loc,
-                mlir::Value baseAddr, std::stringstream &name,
-                mlir::SmallVector<mlir::Value> bounds, uint64_t mapType,
-                mlir::omp::VariableCaptureKind mapCaptureType,
-                mlir::Type retTy) {
-  mlir::Value varPtr, varPtrPtr;
-  mlir::TypeAttr varType;
+                mlir::Value baseAddr, mlir::Value varPtrPtr, std::string name,
+                mlir::SmallVector<mlir::Value> bounds,
+                mlir::SmallVector<mlir::Value> members, uint64_t mapType,
+                mlir::omp::VariableCaptureKind mapCaptureType, mlir::Type retTy,
+                bool isVal = false) {
   if (auto boxTy = baseAddr.getType().dyn_cast<fir::BaseBoxType>()) {
     baseAddr = builder.create<fir::BoxAddrOp>(loc, baseAddr);
     retTy = baseAddr.getType();
-  varPtr = baseAddr;
-  varType = mlir::TypeAttr::get(
+  mlir::TypeAttr varType = mlir::TypeAttr::get(
   mlir::omp::MapInfoOp op = builder.create<mlir::omp::MapInfoOp>(
-      loc, retTy, varPtr, varType, varPtrPtr, bounds,
+      loc, retTy, baseAddr, varType, varPtrPtr, members, bounds,
       builder.getIntegerAttr(builder.getIntegerType(64, false), mapType),
-      builder.getStringAttr(name.str()));
+      builder.getStringAttr(name));
   return op;
+static mlir::omp::MapInfoOp processDescriptorTypeMappings(
+    Fortran::semantics::SemanticsContext &semanticsContext,
+    Fortran::lower::StatementContext &stmtCtx,
+    Fortran::lower::AbstractConverter &converter, mlir::Location loc,
+    mlir::Value descriptorAddr, mlir::Value descDataBaseAddr,
+    mlir::SmallVector<mlir::Value> &bounds, std::string asFortran,
+    llvm::omp::OpenMPOffloadMappingFlags mapCaptureType) {
+  llvm::SmallVector<mlir::Value> descriptorBaseAddrMembers;
+  fir::FirOpBuilder &firOpBuilder = converter.getFirOpBuilder();
+  mlir::Value descriptor = descriptorAddr;
+  if (fir::isAssumedShape(fir::unwrapRefType(descriptorAddr.getType()))) {
agozillon wrote:

Thank you, I'll do so, I may however, also add an assert or a TODO invocation to check for cases where something is not an AssumedShape/Pointer/Allocatable for the time being, as the other cases of box types are not intended to be covered by this PR just yet (they might work, but the PR has no tests for it and I've not expressly tested them locally like the other types, so I'd be doing a disservice saying they were supported I think).


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