[Openmp-commits] [flang] [openmp] [mlir] [Flang][OpenMP] Initial mapping of Fortran pointers and allocatables for target devices (PR #71766)

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Wed Dec 6 01:48:43 PST 2023

@@ -1710,30 +1710,82 @@ bool ClauseProcessor::processLink(
 static mlir::omp::MapInfoOp
 createMapInfoOp(fir::FirOpBuilder &builder, mlir::Location loc,
-                mlir::Value baseAddr, std::stringstream &name,
-                mlir::SmallVector<mlir::Value> bounds, uint64_t mapType,
-                mlir::omp::VariableCaptureKind mapCaptureType,
-                mlir::Type retTy) {
-  mlir::Value varPtr, varPtrPtr;
-  mlir::TypeAttr varType;
+                mlir::Value baseAddr, mlir::Value varPtrPtr, std::string name,
+                mlir::SmallVector<mlir::Value> bounds,
+                mlir::SmallVector<mlir::Value> members, uint64_t mapType,
+                mlir::omp::VariableCaptureKind mapCaptureType, mlir::Type retTy,
+                bool isVal = false) {
   if (auto boxTy = baseAddr.getType().dyn_cast<fir::BaseBoxType>()) {
     baseAddr = builder.create<fir::BoxAddrOp>(loc, baseAddr);
     retTy = baseAddr.getType();
-  varPtr = baseAddr;
-  varType = mlir::TypeAttr::get(
+  mlir::TypeAttr varType = mlir::TypeAttr::get(
   mlir::omp::MapInfoOp op = builder.create<mlir::omp::MapInfoOp>(
-      loc, retTy, varPtr, varType, varPtrPtr, bounds,
+      loc, retTy, baseAddr, varType, varPtrPtr, members, bounds,
       builder.getIntegerAttr(builder.getIntegerType(64, false), mapType),
-      builder.getStringAttr(name.str()));
+      builder.getStringAttr(name));
   return op;
+static mlir::omp::MapInfoOp processDescriptorTypeMappings(
+    Fortran::semantics::SemanticsContext &semanticsContext,
+    Fortran::lower::StatementContext &stmtCtx,
+    Fortran::lower::AbstractConverter &converter, mlir::Location loc,
+    mlir::Value descriptorAddr, mlir::Value descDataBaseAddr,
+    mlir::SmallVector<mlir::Value> &bounds, std::string asFortran,
+    llvm::omp::OpenMPOffloadMappingFlags mapCaptureType) {
+  llvm::SmallVector<mlir::Value> descriptorBaseAddrMembers;
+  fir::FirOpBuilder &firOpBuilder = converter.getFirOpBuilder();
+  mlir::Value descriptor = descriptorAddr;
+  if (fir::isAssumedShape(fir::unwrapRefType(descriptorAddr.getType()))) {
jeanPerier wrote:

I think you should likely just go for `mlir::isa<fir::BaseBoxType>(descriptorAddr.getType())` because you will miss some case where descriptor are used outside of assumed shape.

An example is explicit shape polymorphic entities. We still pass that with a descriptor, but the extents in the fir.box type may be constant, so IsAssumedShape would return false.

I do not think these kinds of entities are likely to hit a OpenMP target region, but if the code here is meant to deal with fir.box, better directly test for it. 


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