[Openmp-commits] [flang] [openmp] [mlir] [Flang][OpenMP] Initial mapping of Fortran pointers and allocatables for target devices (PR #71766)

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Tue Dec 5 10:33:34 PST 2023

@@ -0,0 +1,133 @@
+#include "flang/Optimizer/CodeGen/CodeGen.h"
agozillon wrote:

Sorry, I forgot I addressed this with @vzakhari on Slack and it was also a question here! 

It's still required, as we need to convert the varType field of map_info appropriately when it's a box type utilising the convertBoxTypeAsStruct function. We cannot do this in the OpenMP dialect lowering as it has no knowledge of HLFIR/FIR and cannot as they're seperate projects. If we don't specially convert box types (as EmboxOp and a few other box related operations do) we end up with an incorrectly lowered type, in this case an opaque pointer.


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