[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D102107: [OpenMP] Codegen aggregate for outlined function captures

Dhruva Chakrabarti via Phabricator via Openmp-commits openmp-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jul 8 19:39:26 PDT 2022

dhruvachak added a comment.

Results from "make check-clang":

Failed Tests (14):

  Clang :: AST/ast-dump-openmp-distribute-parallel-for-simd.c
  Clang :: AST/ast-dump-openmp-distribute-parallel-for.c
  Clang :: AST/ast-dump-openmp-target-teams-distribute-parallel-for-simd.c
  Clang :: AST/ast-dump-openmp-target-teams-distribute-parallel-for.c
  Clang :: AST/ast-dump-openmp-teams-distribute-parallel-for-simd.c
  Clang :: AST/ast-dump-openmp-teams-distribute-parallel-for.c
  Clang :: CodeGenCXX/observe-noexcept.cpp
  Clang :: OpenMP/declare_variant_construct_codegen_1.c
  Clang :: OpenMP/nvptx_lambda_pointer_capturing.cpp
  Clang :: OpenMP/remarks_parallel_in_multiple_target_state_machines.c
  Clang :: OpenMP/remarks_parallel_in_target_state_machine.c
  Clang :: OpenMP/target_in_reduction_codegen.cpp
  Clang :: SemaCXX/static-assert.cpp
  Clang :: utils/update_cc_test_checks/generated-funcs.test

Testing Time: 29.33s

  Skipped          :     4
  Unsupported      :  1478
  Passed           : 29406
  Expectedly Failed:    27
  Failed           :    14

Need to check the following again.

clang/test/AST/ast-dump-openmp-distribute-parallel-for.c was regenerated and part of the patch but the test still fails. The other regenerated AST tests are not part of this patch, they seem to fail even after regen.

Need to regen CodeGenCXX, SemaCXX, and utils tests (3 total).

I tried converting the OpenMP manual CHECK tests to the autogen format. Some of them still fail as above, don't know why.

Need to know how to regen the OpenMP remarks tests.

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