[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D117807: [Libomptarget] Change visibility to hidden for device RTL

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Thu Jan 20 10:11:38 PST 2022

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This patch changes the visibility for all construct in the new device
RTL to be hidden by default. This is done after the changes introduced
in D117806 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D117806> changed the visibility from being hidden by default for all
device compilations. This asserts that the visibility for the device
runtime library will be hidden except for the internal environment
variable. This is done to aid optimization and linking of the device

  rG LLVM Github Monorepo



Index: openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/src/Configuration.cpp
--- openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/src/Configuration.cpp
+++ openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/src/Configuration.cpp
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
 // TODO: We want to change the name as soon as the old runtime is gone.
 DeviceEnvironmentTy CONSTANT(omptarget_device_environment)
-    __attribute__((used, retain, weak));
+    __attribute__((used, retain, weak, visibility("default")));
 uint32_t config::getDebugKind() {
   return __omp_rtl_debug_kind & omptarget_device_environment.DebugKind;
Index: openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/include/Types.h
--- openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/include/Types.h
+++ openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/include/Types.h
@@ -193,8 +193,7 @@
 // TODO: clang should use address space 5 for omp_thread_mem_alloc, but right
 //       now that's not the case.
 #define THREAD_LOCAL(NAME)                                                     \
-  NAME [[clang::loader_uninitialized, clang::address_space(5),                 \
-         gnu::visibility("hidden")]]
+  NAME [[clang::loader_uninitialized, clang::address_space(5)]]
 // TODO: clang should use address space 4 for omp_const_mem_alloc, maybe it
 //       does?
Index: openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/CMakeLists.txt
--- openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/CMakeLists.txt
+++ openmp/libomptarget/DeviceRTL/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@
 # Set flags for LLVM Bitcode compilation.
-set(bc_flags -S -x c++ -std=c++17
+set(bc_flags -S -x c++ -std=c++17 -fvisibility=hidden
              -Xclang -emit-llvm-bc
              -Xclang -aux-triple -Xclang ${aux_triple}
@@ -231,5 +231,5 @@
 foreach(mcpu ${amdgpu_mcpus})
-  compileDeviceRTLLibrary(${mcpu} amdgpu -target amdgcn-amd-amdhsa -D__AMDGCN__ -fvisibility=default -nogpulib)
+  compileDeviceRTLLibrary(${mcpu} amdgpu -target amdgcn-amd-amdhsa -D__AMDGCN__ -nogpulib)

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