[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D110811: [OpenMP][OMPT] Unnecessary execution of the while loop inside __ompt_get_task_info_internal

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__ompt_get_task_info_internal now recognizes if the task at the
requested ancestor_level doesn’t exist. This is done by recognizing
whether all tasks have been exhausted (“taskdata” doesn’t exist) during
the iteration over the hierarchy of active tasks. If so, there’s no need
to continue executing the while loop. Break the loop and return 0 code

This patch prevents the SEGFAULT that may arise if the the loop unnecessarily
continues instead (the code before the patch). Assume that the 
__ompt_get_task_info_internal is called with the argument “ancestor_level == 2”, 
while the initial master thread is executing the initial task. 
After the while loop finishes, both “prev_lwt” and “prev_team” are equal to NULL. 
If the called function should determine the “thread_num”, it will do that by 
executing the assignment “*thread_num = prev_team->t.t_master_tid”. 
Since “prev_team” is NULL, dereferencing it leads to a SEGFAULT.

Also, this patch may be considered as a simple performance optimization. 
Assume that the hierarchy of active tasks contains two tasks. 
If the __ompt_get_task_info_internal is called with the argument 
“ancestor_level==1000”, there’s no need to execute more that two iterations 
of the while before detecting that the task at the requested “ancestor_level” 
doesn’t exist.

This patch provides the simple test cases that validates the behaviour of 
the __ompt_get_task_info_internal function in case when the task doesn’t exist 
at the requested “ancestor_level”.

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