[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D77609: [OpenMP] Added the support for hidden helper task in RTL

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Mon Feb 22 09:07:12 PST 2021

tianshilei1992 added a comment.

In D77609#2579070 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D77609#2579070>, @protze.joachim wrote:

> I'm getting a segfault, when running code with target nowait compiled for x86 offloading. The segfault is in __kmp_push_task for a task marked as hidden_task.
> I tried to find the thread with __kmp_gtid = 2 (assuming that's still the task identified as gtid=2) :
>   (gdb) t 11
>   [Switching to thread 11 (Thread 0x2aab18000800 (LWP 16111))]
>   (gdb) p __kmp_gtid
>   $34 = 2
>   (gdb) bt
>   #0  0x00002aaabddea9cc in .omp_outlined._debug__ (.global_tid.=0x2aab17ffef00, .bound_tid.=0x2aab17ffeef8, BlockC=@0x2aab17fff238: 0x2aab20000d30, BlockA=@0x2aab17fff230: 0x2aab3c010da0, 
>       BlockB=@0x2aab17fff228: 0x2aab40010da0) at targetnowait.cpp:109
>   #1  0x00002aaabddeaa95 in .omp_outlined. (.global_tid.=0x2aab17ffef00, .bound_tid.=0x2aab17ffeef8, BlockC=@0x2aab17fff238: 0x2aab20000d30, BlockA=@0x2aab17fff230: 0x2aab3c010da0, 
>       BlockB=@0x2aab17fff228: 0x2aab40010da0) at targetnowait.cpp:105
>   #2  0x00002aaaab584803 in __kmp_invoke_microtask () at llvm-project/openmp/runtime/src/z_Linux_asm.S:1166
>   #3  0x00002aaaab51741c in __kmp_fork_call (loc=0x2aaabdfeada0, gtid=<optimized out>, call_context=fork_context_intel, argc=3, microtask=<optimized out>, invoker=0x2aaaab51c020 <__kmp_invoke_task_func>, 
>       ap=0x2aab17fff1d0) at llvm-project/openmp/runtime/src/kmp_runtime.cpp:1906
>   #4  0x00002aaaab509048 in __kmpc_fork_call (loc=0x2aaabdfeada0, argc=<optimized out>, microtask=0x2aaabddeaa60 <.omp_outlined.>) at llvm-project/openmp/runtime/src/kmp_csupport.cpp:307
>   #5  0x00002aaabddea8aa in __omp_offloading_3b_1502eaf5__Z24BlockMatMul_TargetNowaitR11BlockMatrixS0_S0__l101_debug__ (BlockC=0x2aab20000d30, BlockA=0x2aab3c010da0, BlockB=0x2aab40010da0) at targetnowait.cpp:105
>   #6  0x00002aaabddeaac5 in __omp_offloading_3b_1502eaf5__Z24BlockMatMul_TargetNowaitR11BlockMatrixS0_S0__l101 (BlockC=0x2aab20000d30, BlockA=0x2aab3c010da0, BlockB=0x2aab40010da0) at targetnowait.cpp:101
>   #7  0x00002aaaadccce2c in ffi_call_unix64 () from /lib64/libffi.so.6
>   #8  0x00002aaaadccc755 in ffi_call () from /lib64/libffi.so.6
>   #9  0x00002aaaadac4a56 in __tgt_rtl_run_target_team_region () from /home/x/sw/UTIL/clang//12.0-release/lib/../lib/libomptarget.rtl.x86_64.so
>   #10 0x00002aaaab7c0be0 in DeviceTy::runTeamRegion(void*, void**, long*, int, int, int, unsigned long, __tgt_async_info*) () from /home/x/sw/UTIL/clang//12.0-release/lib/libomptarget.so.12
>   #11 0x00002aaaab7d02f2 in target(ident_t*, long, void*, int, void**, void**, long*, long*, void**, void**, int, int, int) () from /home/x/sw/UTIL/clang//12.0-release/lib/libomptarget.so.12
>   #12 0x00002aaaab7c5d96 in __tgt_target_teams_mapper () from /home/x/sw/UTIL/clang//12.0-release/lib/libomptarget.so.12

We also got report in openmp-dev mail list of this issue. I'll investigate it.

> Is it intended, that the threads executing the host offloading use the same gtid as the hidden threads?

It is because the task needs to be executed by a hidden helper thread.

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