[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D100810: Use `GNUInstallDirs` to support custom installation dirs. -- LLVM

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Tue Aug 3 11:14:10 PDT 2021

Ericson2314 marked 2 inline comments as done.
Ericson2314 added inline comments.

Comment at: llvm/CMakeLists.txt:589
     CACHE STRING "Doxygen-generated HTML documentation install directory")
-set(LLVM_INSTALL_OCAMLDOC_HTML_DIR "share/doc/llvm/ocaml-html"
     CACHE STRING "OCamldoc-generated HTML documentation install directory")
compnerd wrote:
> Why the change from `llvm` -> `${project}`?  (not that it really makes a difference)
To be honest, I forgot. I might have just been OCD deduping on the fly. Happy to change back,

Comment at: llvm/cmake/modules/CMakeLists.txt:3
+set(LLVM_INSTALL_PACKAGE_DIR lib${LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX}/cmake/llvm CACHE STRING "Path for CMake subdirectory (defaults to 'cmake/llvm')")
 set(llvm_cmake_builddir "${LLVM_BINARY_DIR}/${LLVM_INSTALL_PACKAGE_DIR}")
compnerd wrote:
> Why is this variable being put into the cache now?
I wanted all the installation dirs to be in there for consistency (c.f. Did the same for compiler-rt in D105765).

FWIW I have a yet-unposted commit I want to improve a bit to make it more genuinely user-configurable too (we want the CMake with the headers so it need not be installed runtime)

Comment at: llvm/tools/llvm-config/llvm-config.cpp:361
+    {
+      SmallString<256> Path(StringRef(LLVM_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR));
+      sys::fs::make_absolute(ActivePrefix, Path);
compnerd wrote:
> Why the temporary `StringRef`?  Can you not just initialize `Path` with the literal?
I'm not sure. I would think so too, but the old code was also using `StringRef` so I just followed cargo culted and went with it.

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