[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D62488: Fix for https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26540.

Johannes Doerfert via Phabricator via Openmp-commits openmp-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri May 31 07:40:03 PDT 2019

jdoerfert added a comment.

Generally, I think this is the right thing to do, minor questions though.

Could you change the commit subject to describe the change, the bug reference should be in the commit message.

I'm not familiar with the test system here but is it checking the output of the test looking for "passed" or how does it determine if the test succeeded?

Comment at: runtime/src/z_Linux_util.cpp:1844
+    if (__kmp_stksize > KMP_DEFAULT_STKSIZE * 64) // just a heuristics...
+      __kmp_stksize = KMP_DEFAULT_STKSIZE;
+    __kmp_check_stksize(&__kmp_stksize); // check value just in case
I would have assumed we have a limit and we propagate `min(MASTER_STACK_SIZE, LIMIT_STACK_SIZE)` so if you are a bit over the "limit" you don't fall back to the potentially way lower default.

Comment at: runtime/test/misc_bugs/stack-propagate.c:62
+#endif // _WIN32
+  return 0;
Can you `return 1` on failure?



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