[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D55479: [openmp] [runtime] [test] Use more portable short options to sort(1)

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Sat Dec 8 10:38:37 PST 2018

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Pass `-n -s` instead of `--numeric --stable` to sort(1), as long options
are not supported by NetBSD sort implementation.  `-n` is defined
by POSIX, so it should be fully portable.  `-s` is used consistently
at least in GNU sort and FreeBSD sort, and I honestly doubt it would
cause issues with any other implementation supporting `--stable`.

  rOMP OpenMP



Index: runtime/test/lit.cfg
--- runtime/test/lit.cfg
+++ runtime/test/lit.cfg
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@
 if config.has_ompt:
     config.substitutions.append(("FileCheck", config.test_filecheck))
-    config.substitutions.append(("%sort-threads", "sort --numeric-sort --stable"))
+    config.substitutions.append(("%sort-threads", "sort -n -s"))
     if config.operating_system == 'Windows':
         # No such environment variable on Windows.
         config.substitutions.append(("%preload-tool", "true ||"))

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