[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D38185: Implementation of OMPT as specified in OpenMP 5.0 Preview 1

Jonathan Peyton via Phabricator via Openmp-commits openmp-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 27 11:07:34 PDT 2017

jlpeyton added a reviewer: hbae.
jlpeyton added a comment.

Initial scanning review, I'm adding Hansang as a reviewer since he has been looking at this code.

Comment at: runtime/src/exports_so.txt:120-123
+OMP_4.5 {
+} OMP_4.0;
+OMP_5.0 {
+} OMP_4.5;
Hahnfeld wrote:
> Separate revision. @jlpeyton do we need this?
We should only have this if we know for certain that libgomp.so uses OMP_5.0 as the version symbol for omp_control_tool() API function.  Although it is likely libgomp will use OMP_5.0 as the version symbol, unless we know with absolute certainty then it should be left out, and the definition in `kmp_ftn_entry.h` should not use the xexpand() macro or versioned symbols at all.  This mechanism is only to be used when matching version symbols from libgomp.so.

Comment at: runtime/src/kmp_gsupport.cpp:248
   __kmpc_ordered(&loc, gtid);
Remove trailing whitespace

Comment at: runtime/src/kmp_runtime.cpp:1392
+    __ompt_lw_taskteam_init(&lw_taskteam, this_thr, global_tid, 
+                            &ompt_parallel_data, codeptr);
Remove trailing whitespace.

Comment at: runtime/src/ompt-general.cpp:704-705
   return (ompt_interface_fn_t)0;
\ No newline at end of file

Put new line here.

Comment at: runtime/src/ompt-specific.cpp:347
+                                  int *thread_num) {
+  if (ancestor_level < 0) 
+    return 0;
Remove trailing whitespace

Comment at: runtime/src/ompt-specific.h:20
 void __ompt_lw_taskteam_init(ompt_lw_taskteam_t *lwt, ompt_thread_t *thr,
-                             int gtid, void *microtask,
-                             ompt_parallel_id_t ompt_pid);
+                             int gtid, 
+                             ompt_data_t* ompt_pid, void* codeptr);
Remove trailing whitespace


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