[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] Allow machine hierarchy expansion

Wilmarth, Terry L terry.l.wilmarth at intel.com
Thu May 28 09:07:21 PDT 2015

It does represent the machine hierarchy, when there is no oversubscription, but it is actually used as a way to map existing threads to the machine hierarchy for the purpose of performing a barrier. Adding a level when oversubscribed simply adds more tree structure for all the additional threads to communicate along.  One additional level duplicates the existing hierarchy as a second child of a new root, doubling the number of threads that the barrier can handle.

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> Oversubscription.  There's nothing to prevent the user from requesting an arbitrarily large number of threads.

But I thought that the machine hierarchy information represented the physical properties of the machine (cpus, cores, sockets, etc.). How does oversubscription factor into this? And how does that affect the number of levels?




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