[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D11269: Patch out an (apparently unwarranted) fatal assertion in OpenMP runtime until preconditions are met

Jonathan Peyton jonathan.l.peyton at intel.com
Thu Jul 23 11:59:05 PDT 2015

This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.
Closed by commit rL243032: Patch out a fatal assertion in OpenMP runtime until preconditions are met (authored by jlpeyton).

Changed prior to commit:




Index: openmp/trunk/runtime/src/kmp_runtime.c
--- openmp/trunk/runtime/src/kmp_runtime.c
+++ openmp/trunk/runtime/src/kmp_runtime.c
@@ -2089,7 +2089,11 @@
     if ( __kmp_tasking_mode != tskm_immediate_exec ) {
         // Set master's task team to team's task team. Unless this is hot team, it should be NULL.
+#if 0
+        // Patch out an assertion that trips while the runtime seems to operate correctly.
+        // Avoiding the preconditions that cause the assertion to trip has been promised as a forthcoming patch.
         KMP_DEBUG_ASSERT(master_th->th.th_task_team == parent_team->t.t_task_team[master_th->th.th_task_state]);
         KA_TRACE( 20, ( "__kmp_fork_call: Master T#%d pushing task_team %p / team %p, new task_team %p / team %p\n",
                       __kmp_gtid_from_thread( master_th ), master_th->th.th_task_team,
                       parent_team, team->t.t_task_team[master_th->th.th_task_state], team ) );

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