[Openmp-commits] [Openmp-dev] Large Refactor of CMake build system

C Bergström cbergstrom at pathscale.com
Tue Jul 21 16:31:58 PDT 2015

>> >
>> >  -Hal
>> Ok - so standalone user hitting a critical blocking issue isn't
>> important enough feedback to consider this a blocker.
>> I didn't say revert the whole thing - I said leave it out of the
>> "STABLE" 3.7 branch.
> The stable branch is not yet stable, it is stabilizing. It was, after all, forked from trunk not long ago. We're now going through the process of isolating and fixing bugs. This is how the system works, and your feedback is part of that process.

I thought the branch was tagged and "final". Maybe I'm mistaken on
this process since I'm not typically involved with the main clang/llvm
release process.

Until now - we have had no plans to maintain a fork. I've been solely
focused on getting all changes upstream and doing production releases
directly off the main repo. (Either stable branch or master)

In fact I'm surprised and discouraged to hear about patches which
aren't going upstream. So far there hasn't been any untenable
technical reason to not contribute it from our side. I'd be very
interested to know what patches you're maintaining separately and why.
If someone doesn't push the #if PathScale change - then I'll send a
patch in the next day or so. I expect it to be trivial. That's the
best middle ground I can hope for in the short term.


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