[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] Validation using OpenMP validation suite - adding support for cmake Part 2 of 2

sunita chandrasekaran sunisg123 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 16:34:32 PDT 2015

Hi Jonathan
Thanks for your comments, in the past week or so we have been cleaning up
the bundle more based on some more comments, so we will have new patches
for y'all to review.
However reply inline:

There seems to be a number of issues here.  I'm trying these patches (

> http://reviews.llvm.org/D7637, http://reviews.llvm.org/D7638,

>  http://reviews.llvm.org/D8752, and http://reviews.llvm.org/D8751) and

>  here is what I have come up with:


> 1. This entire system doesn't seem to work if libiomp5 is a standalone product outside of an llvm project directory.

This shouldn't have been the case since the testsuite does not require
libiomp5 to be a standalone product. We have set environment variables in
runtime/Makefile using


LIBRARY_PATH=$(libiomp5_path):$(LIBRARY_PATH) ; \


LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(libiomp5_path):$(LD_LIBRARY_PATH) ; \



> 2. Including the testsuite/Makefile in the top level Makefile seems wrong.  It seems as though recursive Make should be called here.  For instance if I try to run "make clean", it now gives me an error (bin/ directory doesn't exist in the runtime/ directory) which is unacceptable.

We (Alexey Bataev, Hal Finkel, Andrey Bokhanko ) tried several options to
find out what's the best way to do this and we figured:

One would simply need to run a "make test" in runtime/
This recursively calls "make ctest, llvm-lit .... " within /testsuite/

So you wouldn't need to do "make" inside /testsuite/
The user does not need to do anything within the /testsuite/ folder.
The "make test" within the /runtime takes care of the entire process.

For some reason, we did not get the error while doing a "make clean" at our
end. However we have made a few modifications and removed more unwanted
files, so the "make clean" should work OK now. I send to send newer patches
to phabricator.

> 3. I had to call Make inside the testsuite/ directory to have an LLVM-IR/ directory created inside the testsuite/ directory which isn't user friendly.

Right, this is exactly what you don't have to do as I said in #2. Nothing
needs to be done within /testsuite.
We will need to keep LLVM-IR directory since it has files that we need.

> Can someone explain the overall process of how this system is supposed to

>  be called by the user and then document it in the testsuite/README?.  The

>  Phabricator review shows most of it being deleted.

There is a README-LLVM-OpenMP that I have created for all the
changes/additions/edits we have made so far for the testsuite to work.
I did not add this to phabricator, I didn't know if I should. I am using
Phabricator for the first time, my apologies.
I am attaching the README with this mail and this will also be part of the
testsuite repository once it is committed.

Hope these help and thanks once again for your feedback.

- F474350: README-LLVM-OpenMP.rtf <http://reviews.llvm.org/F474350>




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