[llvm-devmeeting] 2018 European LLVM Developers’ Meeting -- 2 weeks before the Paper Submission Deadline

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*The Paper Submission Deadline is 9th February, that's only 2 weeks! *
Submit your proposal here:  https://hotcrp.llvm.org/eurollvm2018/

Registration is open too: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/

We look forward to reading your submissions.
-- Phillip Power

*We are looking for proposals on the following:*
* Technical Talks on LLVM Infrastructure (~30 minutes)
* Technicals Talks on related sub-projects (Clang, etc)
* Talks of uses of LLVM in academia or industry
* Talks on new projects using Clang or LLVM
* Lightning Talks (5 minutes, no questions, no discussions)
* In depth Tutorials (60 minutes)
* Posters (1 hour poster session)
* Birds of a Feather (~30 minutes)
* Panels related to LLVM or sub-projects

*Student Research Competition (SRC): *
The Student Research Competition offers students doing LLVM related
research a non-academic platform to announce and advertise their work as
well as to discuss it with other researchers, developers and users of LLVM.
Students are asked to submit a proposal for a 20 minute technical talk.
There will be a prize for the best SRC talk.

*What to submit*
For each proposal, please submit a title and short abstract (to be used on
the website) and attach/upload either an extended abstract (1 page maximum)
or slides. We ask that you do not submit a full length paper as your only
attachment as reviewer time is limited.  For the submission, you will need
to note who the speaker is. If there is more than one speaker, please
mention it in the abstract.


*When will I be notified of acceptance?* - Our goal is to notify all
proposal submitters by February 22, 2018.

*Should I register if I have submitted a proposal?*  - We have 1
complimentary reserved registration for each accepted technical talk, BoF,
or student research competition talk. Accepted tutorials have been reserved
2 complimentary registrations. Panels have up to 3 reserved registrations.
There are no reserved registration spots for posters or lightning talks.
Please register any additional speakers or if you do not have a reserved
registration slot.

*What if I registered and my talk got accepted?* - We can refund your
registration fee and instructions will be sent following the notification.
If you plan to attend even if your proposal is not accepted and are worried
about the event selling out, we suggest registering before notification of

*What if I registered and my talk did NOT get accepted?* - We can refund
your registration fee if you no longer wish to attend if you contact the
organizer by March 2, 2018.

*What will be recorded?* - All technical talks, tutorials, SRC talks,
panels, and lightning talks will be recorded. By submitting your proposal,
you are giving us permission to record if you present at the meeting. For
SRC talks, you have the option to delay publication of the slides and video
for your talk for up to 12 months.

*I have a question, who do I contact?* - Please check the llvm-devmeeting
mailing list to see if your question has already been answered. It if has
not, and your question is generic enough that it can benefit to others,
please email llvm-devmeeting at llvm.org. Alternatively, you can ask the
organizing committee directly at eurollvm-organizers at llvm.org.

*Are there travel grants for students?* - The LLVM Foundation sponsors
student travel to attend the European LLVM Developers' Meeting. Travel
grants cover some or all of travel related expenses. This program is open
to full time undergraduate and graduate students.  Please submit your
application by February 26th 2018. Full details on eligibility an
application. Notification of successful travel grant awards will be sent
via email by March 2 2018.
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