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We are looking for new "Round Table" topics (i.e. mini-bof topics -
formally known as hackers lab).  The round table sessions are a great way
for us all to discuss face-to-face any burning topics. We have scheduled a
table after each BoF sessions so that people can follow up on those
conversation-topics.  We will also setup round tables during the event when
there is interest (i.e. following an engaging presentation) - there will be
whiteboards, and we will use the Sched.com app, to broadcast these
spontaneous topics.

Please suggest topics here, on this email thread, and we can add it to the
schedule ahead of time.


Monday, April 16
3pm #pragma STDC FENV_ACCESS
4pm Debug Info

Tuesday, April 17
10am Build system integration for interactive tools
10am LLVM for secure code
11:45am Clang Static Analyzer
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