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How about ORC JIT table? Or just LLVM + JIT in general? I’m not proficient enough to “lead” the table, but I would be very interested to join discussions.

> On 8 Mar 2017, at 17:10, Johannes Doerfert via llvm-devmeeting <llvm-devmeeting at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> The hacker's lab will be organized similar to the one at the US 2016
> meeting [0]. That means 1.5 hour sessions and theme tables in the
> different rooms. Each table (~10) will have a sign on it to represent a
> sub-project or area of LLVM. This will help newcomers and even active
> developers congregate together on specific topics.
> In addition to labeling tables, we are asking for volunteers to
> represent a sub-project or topic related to the meeting. These
> volunteers should be knowledgeable about the sub-project/topic and able
> to answer some basic questions or point people to the right developer to
> talk to. If volunteers want to go a step further, they could prepare a
> list of bugs that groups could work on during the Hackers Lab. This is
> very open ended in what the leader of the table can do, but the main
> goal is to provide a space for developers' to meet and find each other
> who are interested in a specific topic or sub-project.
> Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
>  Backends, Code Generation, Register Allocation, Machine Code Layer, ISel
>  LLDB, Debug Info, DWARF
>  LTO
>  Polly
>  Mid-level optimizations, pass manager, loop optimizations, etc
>  TableGen
>  Sanitizers
>  Windows support
>  Exception handling
>  lld
>  Clang, Libs, & Frontend tools
>  Clang - parsing, LLVM IR generation, etc
>  Static Analyzer
>  OpenCL
>  Clang Tools - clang tidy, clang rename
>  parallel-libs
>  Open MP
>  libC++
>  llgo
> Please let us know ASAP if you are interested! In the rare event there
> are too many volunteers, we may combine topics at tables.
> --
>  The EuroLLVM'17 organization team
> PS. Heavily based on Tanya's email (see [0]).
> [0] http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2016-October/106394.html
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