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We are trying something different at the Hackers Lab at the upcoming LLVM Developers’ Meeting and need volunteers to help make this a success! The reason behind the change is that we want to make the Hackers Lab more inviting to new developers, make it easier to find the developers you are interested in talking to, and to provide more structure.

First, you may notice that the Hackers Lab is split into 1.5 hour sessions. During each session, the Hackers Lab will focus on specific topics. Each table (~15) in the room will have a sign on it to represent a sub-project or area of LLVM. This will help newcomers and even active developers congregate together on specific topics. Many of the tables will have an easel for informal discussions. 

In addition to labeling tables, we are asking for volunteers to represent a sub-project or topic related to the meeting. These volunteers should be knowledgeable about the sub-project/topic and able to answer some basic questions or point people to the right developer to talk to. If volunteers want to go a step further, they could prepare a list of bugs that groups could work on during the Hackers Lab. This is very open ended in what the leader of the table can do, but the main goal is to provide a space for developers’ to meet and find each other who are interested in a specific topic or sub-project.

I’ve gone through many of the Code Owners files to try to find topics, and here is a list I have started.. but really it depends on who volunteers :)

Backends, Code Generation, Register Allocation, Machine Code Layer, ISel
LLDB, Debug Info, DWARF
Mid-level optimizations, pass manager, loop optimizations, etc
Windows support
Exception handling

Clang, Libs, & Frontend tools
Clang - parsing, llvm ir generation, etc
Static Analyzer
Clang Tools - clang tidy, clang rename
Open MP

I know this may be a bit confusing.. but it really doesn’t require much work if you don’t want it to. Ideally, I would love some Code Owners to fill the roles, but I realize not all will be attending.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested! In the rare event I have too many volunteers, we may combine topics at tables.

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