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I'm needing volunteers to help moderate the sessions of the LLVM Developers' Meeting. All you need to do is introduce the speaker, make sure the speaker stays on time, and run Q&A at the end (run a microphone, select people, etc). Its a pretty easy job, but critical for our meeting to run smoothly. 

If you are interested in moderating, please send me your top 2 session choices. I will try very hard to give you your top pick. 

Below are the session options.

Session #1: October 29 9:00-10:45: Salon III & IV
Welcome, Tanya Lattner - LLVM Foundation 
WebAssembly: Here Be Dragons, Jf Bastien - Google, Dan Gohman - Mozilla
A Proposal for Global Instruction Selection, Quentin Colombet - Apple

Session #2:  October 29 11:00-12:30 Salon III & IV
Profile-based Indirect Call Promotion, Ivan Baev - QuIC
Automated performance-tracking of LLVM-generated code, Kristof Beyls - ARM

Session #3: October 29 11:00-12:30: Salon I & II
Beyond Sanitizers: guided fuzzing and security hardening, Kostya Serebryany - Google
A Heterogeneous Execution Engine for LLVM, Christos Margiolas - University of Edinburgh

Session #4:  October 30 9:00-10:45 Salon III & IV
Swift's High-Level IR: A Case Study of Complementing LLVM IR with Language-Specific Optimization, Joseph Groff - Apple Inc. Chris Lattner - Apple Inc.
Typeless Pointers in LLVM IR, David Blaikie - Google Inc

Session #5: October 30 10:00-10:45: Salon I & II
LLVM Performance Improvements and Headroom, Gerolf Hoflehner - Apple

Session #6:  October 30 11:15-12:45 Salon III & IV
Optimizing LLVM for GPGPU, Jingyue Wu - Google Inc.
OpenMP GPU/Accelerator support Coming of Age in Clang, Michael Wong - IBM, Alexey Bataev - Intel

Session #7: October 30 11:15-12:45: Salon I & II
Exception handling in LLVM, from Itanium to MSVC, Reid Kleckner - Google, David Majnemer - Google
An update on Clang-based C++ Tooling, Daniel Jasper - Google, Manuel Klimek - Google

Session #8:  October 30 2:00-3:30 Salon III & IV
LLVM for a managed language: what we've learned, Sanjoy Das - Azul Systems, Philip Reames - Azul Systems
LLVM back end for HHVM/PHP, Brett Simmers - Facebook, Inc., Maksim Panchenko - Facebook, Inc

Session #9: October 30 2:00-3:30: Salon I & II
Throttling Automatic Vectorization: When Less Is More, Vasileios Porpodas - University of Cambridge
LoopVersioning LICM, Ashutosh Nema - AMD

Session #10:  October 30 4:30-6:00 Salon III & IV
Compiling large, real-world codebases with clang on Windows, Hans Wennborg - Google Inc., Nico Weber - Google Inc.
Advances in Loop Analysis Frameworks and Optimizations, Adam Nemet - Apple Inc, Michael Zolotukhin - Apple Inc.

Session #11: October 30 4:30-6:00: Salon I & II
Debug Info: From Metadata to Modules, Duncan Exon Smith - Apple, Adrian Prantl - Apple
Lightning Talks

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