[llvm-devmeeting] Dev Meeting Survey Idea

Hayden Livingston halivingston at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 06:29:41 PDT 2014

Hello LLVM Meeting,

I was wondering if this idea can be incorporated into this year's meeting
-- I personally can't help, but I can nominate someone whom I know would
gladly do it.

I wanted to know how many people contributing to LLVM (or using LLVM) are
supported by their corporate role directly and how many do it, with zero or
as I'd like to put it "no commitment level" involvement, that is do it
yourself and if it works great we'll use it.

I'm trying to see if there is general interest to understand this? Or if we
already know? Maybe we can keep a survey always open?

And sort of related to this, how many people contributing or using it, do
so willingly and take their own initiative versus it's a chore I have to do
because my company or organization is using this, and as soon at it's 5pm
I'm done with LLVM.

It seems like the developer meeting would be a great place to gather this
info. Like hand out a printout after breakfast on the first day?

I'm curious to know because a few others and I are involved (rather
starting to get involved) independently without any financial or
other incentive from our respective employers and we'd like to know to how
many are involved in the community on their own initiative.
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