[llvm-devmeeting] Volunteers needed to moderate sessions and staff registration desk!

Tanya Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Sun Nov 4 11:05:37 PST 2012


I am in need of moderators to help moderate each session. If you are interested, please respond to this mail and indicate which slot you can moderate. 

Its a long shot as you would miss talks, but if anyone wants a break to do work or check email while also staffing the registration desk, please let me know if you can do it during any of the sessions below. Thanks!


Moderator #1 (9:15-10:45, Regency 2)
LLVM and Clang on the Most Powerful Supercomputer in the World, Hal Finkel, Argonne National Laboratory
The AArch64 backend: status and plans, Tim Northover, ARM

Moderator #2 (11:15-12:45, Regency 2)
MemorySanitizer, ThreadSanitizer. Scalable run-time detection of uninitialized memory reads and data races with LLVM instrumentation.
Kostya Serebryany, Google
Modules - Doug Gregor, Apple

Moderator #3 (11:15-12:45, Regency 1)
Verified LLVM: Formalizing the semantics of the LLVM Intermediate Representation for Verified Program Transformations- Santosh Nagarakatte, University of Pennsylvania/Rutgers University
Integrated Security, using LLVM for Dynamic and Static Security Tasks- Jared Carlson, GoToTheBoard

Moderator #4 (2:00-3:30, Regency 2)
How good are Clang's diagnostics, anyway? - Matt Beaumont-Gay, Google
Shevlin Park: A C++ AMP implementation in Clang/LLVM using OpenCL - Dillon Sharlet, Intel

Moderator #5 (2-3:30, Regency 1)
TBAA in LLVM - Dan Gohman, Google
Generating Hardware Description with the Target-Independent Code Generator - Hongbin Zheng, Sun Yat-sen University

Moderator #6 (4:30-5:15, Regency 2):
Zero-Cost Abstractions and Future Directions for Modern Optimizing Compilers - Chandler Carruth, Google

Moderator #7 (4:30-6:00, Regency 1):	
Building a Checker in 24 hours - Anna Zaks, Apple
Lightning Talks


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