[llvm-devmeeting] LLVM EU conference 2012 - schedule

James Molloy james.molloy at arm.com
Wed Feb 29 05:43:36 PST 2012


The contributions accepted for the Euro-LLVM conference 2012 have just been

The conference will be in London, from 12:00 noon April 12th 2012 to 12:00
noon April 13th 2012, with optional workshops in the afternoon of the 13th.

Registration is still open, but is filling up fast!


We'd like to remind everyone that we have subsidised a number of rooms at
the hotel for conference guests. If they're not used we do lose this money,
so please do book your room at Hotel Russell using the following link, which
will be substantially cheaper than the normal room rate (although still
quite expensive because of the location):



Registration for BoFs is now open - please submit BoF proposals to
Euro-LLVM at arm.com.

The proposal should include who will be the BoF leader, a title and a small
paragraph description.

Presentation list

The accepted presentations are (in no particular order):

  * Michael Spencer [Sony Computer Entertainment America] - "lld - the LLVM
  * Mark Charlebois [QuIC] - "Building Linux with LLVM"
  * Hal Finkel [Argonne National Laboratory] - "Autovectorization with LLVM"
  * Philip Craig [Barclays Capital] - "Verifying Serialisability and
Thread-safety Markup using Clang (Barclays Capital Quantitative Analytics
  * Eli Bendersky [Intel] - "MCJIT" ###
  * Manual Klimek [Google] - "Refactoring C++ with Clang"
  * Pablo Barrio [Univ. Polit├ęcnica de Madrid] - "Turning control flow
graphs into function call graphs: transformation of partitioned codes for
execution in hetergeneous architectures"
  * Richard Barton [ARM] - "Guaranteeing the correctness of MC for ARM"
  * Igor Bohm [University of Edinburgh] - "Reducing dynamic compilation
latency - concurrent and parallel dynamic compilation"
  * Ralf Karrenberg & Sebastian Hack [Saarland University] - "Improving
Performance of OpenCL on CPUs"
  * Reed Kotler [MIPS] - "Anatomy of the MIPS LLVM Port"
  * +1 still to decide.

###: Eli's presentation has been accepted, but he has not yet fully
confirmed that he will be able to attend.

In addition, two workshops will take place after 12:00 on the 13th:

  * David Chisnall - "What LLVM can do for you"
  * Anton Korobeynikov - "Building a backend in 24 hours"

This information will go up on llvm.org shortly.

Cheers, and hope to see lots of you there!


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