[llvm-devmeeting] 2011 LLVM Annual Developers' Meeting - Update

Kipping, David dkipping at qualcomm.com
Wed Sep 14 18:32:35 PDT 2011

- Registration filling up
- Dinner filling up faster
- Feedback from registration on technical program
	- *** Lightning Talks and Posters *** 
	- Topics attendees would like to see sessions on
- Session proposal deadline extended


There are about 100 seats left, after which a wait list will be created on a first come basis.

Space is limited for dinner, and there are about 40 seats left

Lightning Talks and Posters:
Several requests have been made to have Posters and Lighting Talks. Lighting Talks are ~5 minute topics which could be an advertisement for a poster later in the day, or just to generate food for thought to be discussed during breaks/BoFs/dinner. Submit your proposals for a lighting talk at
Be sure to include "lighting talk" in the description.

Submit a proposal for a poster at 
We expect that some poster authors may be from university or the community, and may need travel assistance. If so apply at www.llvm.org/devmtg/sponsor.php. I will try my best to find sponsorship for interesting research or uses related to LLVM family projects.

If there are enough quality proposals for Lighting Talks and/or Posters, we will add sessions for this year's program.

Leading session topics requested by the attendees first to register (of 49 responses):
	Optimizations (8)
		Code density, loop nest, roadmap, transformations	
			Vectorization/parallelization  (4)
	JIT (5)
		Compile time performance
		Code generation quality
		LLVM as a tier in a JIT compiler
		JIT on ARM
	Clang (4)
		"All things clang"
		Extending Clang parsing and types
	MC (3)
		Integrated assembler strategies
	OpenCL (3)
	Testing/Analysis/Debugging (3)
		Detecting memory errors and races using LLVM instrumentation
		llvm as a framework for code analysis and binary translation	Linker (2)
	C++ (2)
		C++11, Linux libc++ support
		C++ support in clang - compare with GCC C++
	bitcode (2)
		Bitcode portability/stability across releases
	GPU (2)
		GPU code generation
	SIMD (2)
	VLIW (2)
	Linux support (2)

Other topics suggested:
	Dynamic Languages build on top of Clang and LLVM
	Concurrency and atomics memory model
	Targeting a new processor cookbook
	Keeping PowerPC-Apple-Darwin/OSX target up-to-date
	LLVM compilation on/for iOS or Android devices.
	Compiling declarative languages with LLVM

Session Proposals Deadline Extended:
This is your meeting, and it is important that you participate. There is clearly many topics that attendees are interested in seeing; take this opportunity to step up and share your experience. Propose a technical session at:

Because of the broad session interest, and the potential lighting talks/posters we have extend the session deadline to the end of the month.

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