[llvm-dev] Incorporating LLDB Libraries into Core LLVM Project?

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Thu Sep 23 13:41:19 PDT 2021


LLDB contains many useful abstractions (notably inside the Utility and Host
modules) which are not specific to the debugger or its CLI/API. We would
like to move some of these out of the LLDB subproject to use them elsewhere
in LLVM.

There is some overlap with functionality provided by LLVM. For example,
both LLVM
and LLDB
implement a Timer class. We would like for LLVM projects to make use of the
support libraries of LLDB, without requiring a large undertaking to
deduplicate and generalize all the overlapping functionality. Therefore we
would only move a few desirable components that are unique to LLDB.

As motivating examples:


   the TCPSocket
   class would be helpful for new tools such as debuginfod

      It was also suggested for clangd server
      although that ended up using gRPC

   The IOObject
   hierarchy, which abstracts away from the file descriptor, would be helpful
   for porting LLVM to Fuchsia (which lacks fds)

With these applications in mind, we propose to migrate just the IOObject
to the LLVM core lib. We will give some more details on our proposed use of
the TCPSocket class for debuginfod in an RFC to follow shortly, as these
are two separate topics. The associated files could be moved as follows:


   From lldb/source/Host/{platform}/ to llvm/lib/Host/{platform}/

   From lldb/source/Utility/ to  llvm/lib/Utility/

In fact, such a refactor was previously suggested on llvm-dev
<https://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2019-December/137591.html> to
allow for the clangd server to reuse LLDB’s TCPSocket, although it looks
like clangd-server ended up going with gRPC. We should choose a different
namespace for the IOObject classes than lldb_private, perhaps llvm_io.

We have a draft phabricator diff <https://reviews.llvm.org/D110362> but
there are several outstanding issues to be resolved.
Finally, we note that an analogous refactor to move clang support code into
LLVM (for reuse by flang) was discussed last year
<https://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2020-June/142024.html>. We
expect our proposed refactor will be simpler as the IOObject hierarchy is
not specialized to LLDB. We look forward to hearing comments and
suggestions to help clarify how we can take advantage of LLDB’s useful
treasures elsewhere in LLVM =)

Thank you in advance for comments and suggestions, Noah
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