Joseph Myers via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Oct 28 10:43:52 PDT 2021

On Wed, 27 Oct 2021, H.J. Lu via Libc-alpha wrote:

> Linker adds glibc versions in GNU_PROPERTY_1_GLIBC_2_NEEDED to the
> .gnu.version_r section and removes GNU_PROPERTY_1_GLIBC_2_NEEDED note
> when generating shared libraries and executables.

Note that there is no guarantee that a new glibc version actually has any 
symbols in libc at the corresponding symbol version (there are no 
GLIBC_2.20 symbols in any ABI test baseline for any architecture, for 
example).  If it happens not to, will the symbol version exist at all to 
satisfy this check?

Joseph S. Myers
joseph at codesourcery.com

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