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Wed Oct 27 07:13:48 PDT 2021

Hi David,

> I'm trying to add some test coverage to cross-project-tests (related to the simplified template names work), and figured I'd start by making sure everything passes. I fixed some pretty printer issues (a36032345ed823414fcee0f9aed43628f4320001 - though that makes me wonder: is any buildbot running these tests, because they look like they've been failing for a while?) and then some dexter issues.

Apple's lldb bot (https://green.lab.llvm.org/green/view/LLDB/job/lldb-cmake) runs the cross-project-tests. Looking at it now though, it looks like the job status isn't affected by these tests if they fail, a bunch of the dexter feature_tests appear to contain "UNSUPPORTED: system-darwin", plus - picking a "passing" build (https://green.lab.llvm.org/green/view/LLDB/job/lldb-cmake/37155) - a load of dexter tests fail due to environment issues. All in all I'd say that doesn't really count, and I'm not aware of any other bots running these tests.

> Anyone know what these dexter failures are about? The first one doesn't even seem to have the command line arguments right, which seems concerning/like something's quite broken. The second one gives not much meaningful/actionable output - and I tried running dexter directly with --verbose and seeing what it was doing (it didn't print much, but said it couldn't print the value of a local variable when it was passed to printf?), tried building the binary with the cflags that are passed to dexter and the binary ran correctly/was debuggable/I could print the value of the variable - seems like dexter could be more informative both while running under lit/the default configuration, and otherwise?

Looks like the first test fails because of changes in D109833 - I've put a fix up here D112624.

I'm not sure about the second failure without digging in deeper. One of us (cc Tom, Jeremy) can possibly take a look on or after Friday - we could XFAIL it until we get the chance?

N.B. Stephen is away at the moment.


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