[llvm-dev] Upstream an LLDB language plugin for D and support of custom expressions

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> Hi llvm-dev,
> I'm writing here to discuss the addition of D language plugin to LLDB.
> Following the issue #52223 from Bugzilla, we are currently using C/C++
> language plugin for D. This project is part of the Symmetry Autumn of
> Code 2021, which proposes to implement better integration for D into
> This project is a highly requested feature for D developers who use
> Apple-based devices since configuring GDB requires extra configuration
> and self signing binaries.
> One possible solution is to write a plugin using the Python public API,
> although it has some limitations, since, AFAIK, custom expressions are
> not currently well supported.
> More context about the project milestones can be found
> [here](lsferreira.net/public/assets/posts/d-saoc-2021-
> 01/milestones.md).
> I would like to discuss the possibility of upstreaming the plugin in
> C++ to the official tree and if there is anything in the roadmap to
> support custom expressions via Python.
> --
> Sincerely,
> Luís Ferreira @ lsferreira.net
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