[llvm-dev] PowerPC LLVM support much appreciated

Andrew Chiw via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Oct 20 14:01:48 PDT 2021

Hello Iain,

Recently I decided to set myself the entirely alien task of getting Rust 
to work on PowerPC Darwin (10.4/10.5). I mostly program in Python/Go and 
am a newbie to Rust. Nevertheless, I've done some research and asked 
around on LLVM discord and was told to direct my questions to you.

Being new to compiler/assembler development, could you fill me in on the 
scope of this task I've just set myself?

The instructions here 
https://github.com/iains/darwin-toolchains-start-here seem incomplete, 
and for someone who doesn't know much about compiler development like 
me, I think it's missing quite a bit of context. Does it work, would I 
get a LLVM which I could use to compile LLVM IR generated by rustc?

Looking at the LLVM changelog, I have the impression that LLVM's major 
versions don't change that much, so later versions of LLVM shouldn't be 
too hard to get working either, am I correct?

What other roadblocks do you foresee? I was under the impression that I 
only need to get LLVM to emit PowerPC MachO, but since then I have also 
heard that I need to get Rust to work with 10.4/10.5's libc... which 
means both language and compiling backend need to have access to the 
10.4/10.5 libraries... which means I shouldn't try to setup a cross 
compiler with my current state of knowledge. More clarification/context 
much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Andrew Chiw

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