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Sat Oct 16 03:33:59 PDT 2021


Thank you for the description of the problem.
I think it would be helpful to also document which CPUs you were
considering in relation to the behaviour.
I can see that the description would hold for x86(32bit) and amd64.
But, there are CPUs out there that have special instructions for doing
pointer manipulation.
You might know that the CPU type has no bearing on the discussion, in
which case it would be helpful to add a paragraph or two explaining

Kind Regards


On Fri, 15 Oct 2021 at 19:41, George Mitenkov via cfe-dev
<cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> In May 2021, together with Nuno Lopes and Juneyoung Lee, we proposed to add a byte type in LLVM to fix load type punning issues. Initial RFC touched some subtle aspects of LLVM IR and its semantics, and sparked a lot of questions, concerns, and discussions.
> We decided to write a post that would summarise the thread and the complicated topic:
> https://gist.github.com/georgemitenkov/3def898b8845c2cc161bd216cbbdb81f
> We hope that our post clarifies initial concerns raised on the mailing list. As always, any questions, suggestions and advice are welcome!
> Thanks,
> George
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