[llvm-dev] [libcxx] Unimplemented path functions inquiry

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I don’t know of any plans to implement this functionality, but I agree that the least we can do is provide a function body that asserts or calls something like report_fatal_error.

                Chris Tetreault

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I hope this email finds you well. I have an inquiry about the following unimplemented functions declared in `libcxx/include/filesystem`:

// TODO Implement locale conversions.

class = _EnableIfPathable<_Source,
void> >

path(const _Source& __src,
const locale& __loc, format = format::auto_format);


path(_InputIt __first, _InputIt _last,
const locale& __loc,

format = format::auto_format);

In particular, there is a TODO (introduced in the following commit 998a5c88312066fcc2b2de1358edc76587611354) that says "Implement locale conversions". Since these functions are not implemented, they are causing a link time error on z/OS. Hence, is there a plan to implement them? Or is there a way to cause compiler time errors if those functions are used? If not, should we leave it as is or provide a definition that asserts (to be more user friendly)?.

Best regards,

Muiez Ahmed
Software Developer

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