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>> - Any other information that you think will help the Board of Directors
>> make the best decision.
> - Foundation Board will have 30 days to make a final decision about using
>> GitHub Pull Requests and then communicate a migration plan to the community.
> Hi Tom,
> Please help me here, I think I'm severely misunderstanding what this
> means...
> I'm reading it that the "Board of Directors" will make a decision and
> communicate to the community, apparently through some undisclosed internal
> process.
> ...

I want to take the other side here, and say that I appreciate that the
board is trying to provide more structure for this decision making process.
I don't think the board is trying to step in and take ownership of the
decision, they are trying to solicit input and reflect it back to LLVM
developers in an efficient way. It has long been clear that LLVM needs a
more effective process for building consensus and making decisions, and in
the absence of that, the board came up with this ad hoc process. That seems
very reasonable to me.

For everyone else who has suggestions on how we could run our infra better,
my understanding is that you can get involved in the infrastructure working
group by emailing iwg at llvm.org.
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