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Hi James,

Thank you for the insight! It makes a lot of sense to show restraint when
adding output options. I think for now, focus will be put on llvm-readelf
which we do have concrete needs for and other tools can be considered
afterwards if a need arises.


On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 3:31 AM James Henderson <
jh7370.2008 at my.bristol.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi Jayson,
> This is a conversation that's come up on odd occasions before (for
> example, it was a topic briefly discussed at the Brussels Euro LLVM meeting
> a couple of years ago[1]), but to my knowledge, nobody has had a strong
> need for it until now, with the exception of llvm-symbolizer which already
> has a JSON output format.
> Why would you need this for both llvm-nm and llvm-readelf? llvm-nm is
> basically just a way to dump the symbols in a file, but llvm-readelf
> already has that ability. If you implemented machine-readable output in
> llvm-readelf, would you need it for llvm-nm too?
> In terms of which other tools might need it:
> * llvm-objdump's feature set broadly overlaps llvm-readelf. The only
> additional features are really to do with disassembly, but I doubt there
> are many people who are trying to parse disassembly for this.
> * llvm-dwarfdump: this might be very vaguely useful, but I doubt there are
> many scripts that actually rely on its output.
> * llvm-strings: this is just a raw dump already, so there's no need for a
> "machine-readable" format (since it is already trivially parseable).
> * llvm-cxxfilt: same as llvm-strings - the output is simple enough that
> there's no need for JSON output here.
> * llvm-ar: there are a limited number of output options in this tool, but
> again, I think the output is broadly trivial. There may be no need for it
> here either.
> There may be other tools I am not so familiar with, but to summarise, if
> you do llvm-readelf, I doubt you'll need to implement anything else.
> I'd actually avoid doing it in any tool unless you have an actual concrete
> need: maintaining an additional output format is a non-trivial task, as
> every new feature added needs to have an additional implementation for the
> new output format, increasing development cost as a result.
> I have previously given some thought to machine readable output in
> llvm-readelf. It certainly would seem that a JSONELFDumper would be the way
> forward, with json just becoming another output option for
> `--elf-output-style`. I assume that's what you mean by "surface this
> feature"?
> James
> [1]https://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2019-April/132032.html
> On Wed, 29 Sept 2021 at 19:25, Jayson Yan via llvm-dev <
> llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We are interested in adding the ability to produce machine readable
>> output to some of the tools that LLVM provides. The goal is to provide
>> easier automation capabilities for future scripting. We wanted to gauge
>> interest as well as discuss how the community would like this to be
>> implemented.
>> Currently the plan is to surface this as an optional flag which if set
>> will have the tool output machine readable output. We are planning for the
>> output format to be in JSON, if anyone feels strongly about another format
>> please let us know. The tools we initially hope to tackle are llvm-nm and
>> llvm-readelf but we’d be interested to hear if there are tools that the
>> community feels would benefit from this.
>> The high level implementation plan is to provide an abstract interface
>> for output with human-readable output as one concrete implementation of
>> this interface and a new machine-readable output as another implementation.
>> For tools like llvm-readelf, this infrastructure already exists so it would
>> just be a matter of implementing a JSONELFDumper on top of the existing
>> GNUELFDumper and LLVMELFDumper. For tools like llvm-nm this infrastructure
>> doesn’t exist so we’d need to add this abstraction first.
>> Interested to hear any thoughts on:
>> - How would we like to surface this feature?
>> - Which tools would be most valuable to provide machine-readable output?
>> - Does the implementation plan make sense?
>> Thanks
>> - Jayson
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