[llvm-dev] Phabricator Creator Pulling the Plug

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Fri Oct 1 07:54:55 PDT 2021

Hi David,

Storing email addresses in git is a very bad idea for legal compliance
> reasons.  They count as PII for several privacy laws and so I believe a
> legal request to expunge them will require rewriting history of the git
> repo.

Fair point, I did not consider this. Github account names are also PII,
right? So we should not store them in the repo either. That means we would
need some sort of private database to store (and delete) all user-specific
configuration information. So this would be a larger solution :(

I would only need the email addresses for commit notifications. As you said
for Issues and Pull Requests we can use GitHubs own notification features.
However if we want customizable notifications on commits, Github doesn't
really offer anything there and we would have to implement the feature

I found one app that does notifications on commits and they also need email
addresses: https://app.github-file-watcher.com/
So maybe we don't have to implement that at all and point our users to that
service. I just signed up for their service to try it out.
Have a lovely weekend,
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