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Fri May 28 20:55:40 PDT 2021

Hello community/Mentor,

I am Soham Dixit, an undergraduate student from India. You can call me

I will be working with LLVM this summer as a GSoC student. My project
title is "Distributed lit testing". I'll be working with James Henderson.

*Expected results:* An easy to use harness as described above. Some
evidence that given a distributed system, a user can expect to see test
suite execution to speed up if they are using that harness.

If anyone would like to read more about my project or share any thoughts/ideas,
can take a look at
link of project idea: https://llvm.org/OpenProjects.html#llvm_distributing_lit

Add comments or contact me directly. If you have any feedback/suggestions
please let me know, and I'm super excited to contribute to the LLVM project
this summer!
I think it would be an exciting summer with my great mentor James Henderson.

GSoc'21 Project link:

Thanks & Regards
   Soham Dixit
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