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> I think this could be a demonstration that the culture of the
> community is being impacted by the fracturing. When people come to
> IRC, moderators and other users will point out that discord and the
> mailing lists are places where someone can also attempt to get an
> answer if they don't find it on IRC. (Telling users to ask on the
> mailing lists if no one has an answer on IRC has been the status quo
> since I joined the community, so this isn't a new practice.) Users
> respond by saying thanks and often following that advice. It sounds
> like on Discord, users who don't find an answer to their question
> maybe aren't being told about the other options? If so, this is a
> demonstration of *why* I'm concerned about further fracturing the
> community.
I can only second Aaron's opinion. Discord has been a sad move in terms of
community fracturing and I'd rather not have that happen again.
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