[llvm-dev] How to support different versions of RVV ?

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Sun Jun 27 20:10:23 PDT 2021


	I think it’s a common issue for multi version for all ISAs
	if we want to implement it.

	I do not find any code to record the version of isa feature also,
	the llvm use the default version by hardcode just only by now :(
	Is it reasonable ?

	From gcc developer view, it records the version in gcc internal from
	command line of isa feature and deal with different purpose of multi versions.

— Jojo
在 2021年6月28日 +0800 AM10:37,陆旭凡 <luxufan981014 at gmail.com>,写道:
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> > 陆旭凡 <luxufan981014 at gmail.com> 于2021年6月28日周一 上午10:04写道:
> > > Hello everyone. RVV 0.10 is now supported on the upstream LLVM RISC-V backend. However, because some RISC-V-based chip manufacturers chose RVV 0.71 version as the vector extension at the beginning, and a large number of chips that supported RVV 0.71 version are taped out. So can the community explore a way or framework to support different versions of RVV?
> > > Best wishes.
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