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I don't where we're at with the migration from Bugzilla to Github issues,
but there are improvements from GitHub in this area these days:

This seems interesting!


On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 1:11 AM Anton Korobeynikov via cfe-dev <
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> Dear all,
> Over the last few weeks with the help of GH folks I've been exploring
> the options of Bugzilla migration. I believe finally we came to the
> viable solution which is detailed below.
> It turned out that GitHub has an internal project rehydration tool
> that could be used to populate the empty repo contents from the simple
> serialized format. There is a big advantage of this approach as
> compared to using GH API as we are not bound to various thresholds and
> throttling limits (remember, that we need to import 35k+ bz issues).
> The downside is that such rehydration requires the empty repo and we
> cannot delete the current llvm-project: this way we will lose
> releases, fork connections, stars and watches. Unfortunately, there is
> no way to recreate releases while keeping the origins dates, so this
> is a no-go for us. Losing forks connections would strongly affect
> downstream users as well. This allowed to formulate the following
> scheme:
> 1. Migrate Bugzilla to a new repo, say, llvm-bugzilla-import using the
> internal storage format.
> 2. Install redirects llvm.org/PR1234 =>
> gh/llvm/llvm-bugzilla-import/issues/1234
> 3. Wipe existing issues and pull requests
> 4. Migrate all issues from llvm-bugzilla-import to llvm-project using
> GH API. Github will take about llvm-bugzilla-import/issues/1234 =>
> llvm-project/issues/5678 redirects
> The only downside of this approach is that we will be seeing 30k
> events like "llvm-bugzilla-import/issues/1234 migrated to
> llvm-project/issues/5678".
> Here is the tentative timeline / list of action points:
> 1. Collect the mapping email (used by bugzilla) => GH account name
> (used by issues). We are going to collect using different sources:
>   - Auto-populating the mapping from the list of known committers
>   - Asking GH API (works only if a person made their email public and
> only when allowed by local law)
>   - Emailing everyone who submitted to Bugzilla over last year or
> maybe two asking to fill in the form with the GH username
>   - We would likely allow a month or so to let everyone respond.
> 2. While 1. is in progress, we will work on various format issues for
> migration. For this we will use probable first 1k issues or so. It
> would be nice to include some meta-bugs here to ensure we could
> re-recreate issues. Things to consider:
>   - Comment migration (GH uses markdown everywhere, so we'd need to
> carefully escape bugzilla contents)
>   - Components => labels mapping and migration
>   - Linking between the issues. Maybe automatically replace PR1234 in
> the text with #1234 to enable auto linking.
>   - Authorship: reporter / commenter
>   - Attaches
> 3. After we are sure everyone is ready, we will do the test migration
> of the whole bugzilla.
>   - Estimate the necessary time it would be required to make such a
> transition.
>   - Fix remaining issues, if any
> 4. Put bugzilla into read-only mode and perform the final migration to
> llvm-bugzilla-archive
> 5. Wipe issues / PRs in llvm-project repo and perform migration from
> llvm-bugzilla-archive to llvm-project
> 6. Migration done. Probably bugzilla will be kept in read-only mode
> for some time just for the sake of consistency and should any issues
> be found.
> Any comments & ideas?
> --
> With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
> Department of Statistical Modelling, Saint Petersburg State University
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