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    >>> Specific to the dev lists, I'm very hesitant about moving from mailing lists to discourse.  Why?
    >>> Well, the first and most basic is I'm worried about having core infrastructure out of our own control. . . .
    >>> Second, I feel that we've overstated the difficulty of maintaining mailing lists.
    >> I’m not deeply familiar with osci.io, but hosted mailman services all suffer from a major problem: they don’t solve the moderation problem.
    > Can you explain the moderation problem a bit? As a current mailing
    > list moderator, I'm unaware of unsolved issues in this space and the
    > only mentions about moderation on this thread are vague "we could have
    > better moderation tools" kind of comments without justification as to
    > why they're important enough to necessitate a switch away from email.

    Same here (though I'm only moderating a low-traffic list).

Same here.

    >> More generally, I don’t see how that addresses the many other issues that were raised repeatedly on this thread.
    > We went through many of these same discussions a while ago about
    > moving away from IRC and email at the same time. There was no
    > community consensus during that discussion, but for various reasons
    > the end result was a fracturing of the community (some people went to
    > Discord, some people stayed on IRC, and now both communities have to
    > tell members "if you don't get an answer here, try on the other
    > service or the mailing lists").

Wouldn't we all agree that this is a highly undesirable situation?

    > I am worried that a switch from email on
    > the -dev mailing lists to using Discourse will result in a similar
    > fracturing, as discussions will still be possible via email on
    > -commits. To me personally, the possibility of further fracturing the
    > community is a concern I think we need to take very seriously.



It already shows this effect - some discussions are going on on Discourse, the majority appear to still be here in llvm-dev. I've no idea what's going on on Discord or IRC.
How many ways do we want to split this community???

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