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We haven’t setup the “create a topic by email” on this instance right now. The way it works IIRC is that we need to create an email account (anywhere) dedicated to this and configure a pop3 access for Discourse to poll the email account.

Well, inability to post a new message (as opposed to replying to an existing thread) is a severe disadvantage, compared to the current mailing list.

Also, POP3 is a big warning sign to me. Cannot Discourse offer something like llvm-incoming at discoursemail.com for the LLVM group? And if it cannot – then, again, perhaps the benefits of this platform are overrated…?


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June 22 
In [llvm-dev] [cfe-dev] Mailing List Status Update @Hal Finkel (who doesn’t seem to be registered here and who I consequently cannot CC, I think) repeated what was said before, discourse replaces a mailing list.

He linked this article (How do I use Discourse via email? - FAQs - Mozilla Discourse) which talks about email preferences and creating topics via mail. I did find some of the preferences but not all. I don’t think the ones I didn’t find are the most important but I wanted to include it here.

More importantly, I was wondering where I find the “Create topics via email” button. I suspect the button thing might not work on my system but I want to give it a try, unfortunately I didn’t find the button Assuming the button is added, does that mean we always need to click it or is sending an email sufficient to start a topic? If it’s the latter, it is not really clear to me to what address to send the email. The last paragraph of the article does explain it a little I’m not certain what I’d do now.


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