[llvm-dev] Problems with subreg-liveness and Greedy RA

Nemanja Ivanovic via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jun 21 10:05:12 PDT 2021

I am having a really difficult time with subregister related issues when I
on subregister liveness tracking.

Before RA:
79760B    %2216:vsrc = LXVDSX %5551:g8rc_and_g8rc_nox0, %2215:g8rc :: (load
8 from %ir.scevgep1857.cast, !alias.scope !92, !noalias !93)
79872B    %2225:vsrprc = LXVP 352, %661:g8rc_and_g8rc_nox0
84328B    %5540:vsrc = contract nofpexcept XVMADDADP %5540:vsrc(tied-def
0), %2225.sub_vsx0:vsrprc, %2216:vsrc, implicit $rm

After RA (greedy):
79744B    %2214:vsrc = LXVDSX %5551:g8rc_and_g8rc_nox0, %6477:g8rc :: (load
8 from %ir.scevgep1860.cast, !alias.scope !92, !noalias !93)
79872B    %7503:vsrprc = LXVP 352, %661:g8rc_and_g8rc_nox0
80248B    %7527:vsrprc = COPY %7503:vsrprc
80988B    undef %7526.sub_64:vsrprc = COPY %7527.sub_64:vsrprc
84324B    undef %7501.sub_64:vsrprc = COPY %7526.sub_64:vsrprc
84328B    %5546:vsrc = contract nofpexcept XVMADDADP %5546:vsrc(tied-def
0), %7501.sub_vsx0:vsrprc, %2214:vsrc, implicit $rm

Subregister definitions for PPC:
def sub_64 : SubRegIndex<64>;
def sub_vsx0 : SubRegIndex<128>;
def sub_vsx1 : SubRegIndex<128, 128>;
def sub_pair0 : SubRegIndex<256>;
def sub_pair1 : SubRegIndex<256, 256>;

So the instruction at 84328B uses the full register %2216 and the high order
128 bits of (256-bit) register %2225. However, the register allocator splits
the live range and introduces a copy of the high order 64 bits of that
register, then another copy of that copy and rewrites the use in instruction
84328B to that copy. The copy is marked undef so the register allocator
assigns just some random register to the use of that copy in 84328B.

Or maybe I am completely misinterpreting the meaning of the debug dumps
from the register allocator.

This appears to be related to lane masks and dead lane detection although
I don't see dead lane detection marking anything unexpected as undef (seems
to just be INSERT_SUBREG and PHI).

If anyone has suggestions on what might be the issue and/or how to go about
figuring this out and fixing it, I would really appreciate it.

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