[llvm-dev] [DWARF] using simplified template names

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Wed Jun 16 11:34:54 PDT 2021

> (out of curiosity, any idea what the Sony debugger does for
> pointer template parameters? At least GCC doesn't seem to be
> able to reconstruct those back into strings (you'd basically
> have to symbolize the address value of the parameter (GCC
> doesn't even encode this value, so it's not surprising GDB
> doesn't try to do anything when it's present)) - so I'll
> probably implement this under a flag but not include (ie: use
> the current full textual encoding) any template with a pointer
> template parameter)
> eg: extern int i; template<int *> void f1() { } int main() { f1<&i>(); }

Nice catch, we don't do anything clever here either.  This would
appear to be a special case of non-type template params that can
be arbitrary compile-time expressions; for non-pointer params we 
provide the computed value of the compile-time expression, which 
is arguably sufficient for cases like

  constexpr int a = 1; constexpr int b = 2;
  template <int> void f2() { }
  void int_expr() { f2<a + b>(); }

but it would be nice to do something useful for

  extern int j[4];
  void ptr_expr() { f1<&j[a+b]>(); }

We can't repurpose DW_AT_name for this because that's the 
template parameter's formal name; nothing else comes to mind,
maybe we need a new attribute for this.

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