[llvm-dev] Review wanted - contribution for legacy pass manager (machine pass extensions)

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Mon Jun 14 08:03:52 PDT 2021

Arthur - any idea who might be good to review this?

On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 6:20 AM Raoul Gough via llvm-dev <
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> Hello llvm-dev, I have a code contribution for the legacy pass manager
> and I'm having trouble finding anyone to finish reviewing it. I've made
> some improvements based on earlier feedback from @ychen on Phabricator
> but since then nobody has given final approval. Can anyone help with
> this or point me in the right direction?
> I couldn't see anyone listed in the CODE_OWNERS.txt for this area of the
> code base. From what I understand the new pass manager still doesn't
> handle the target-specific code, so I think the code is in the right
> place for now at least. I'd be happy to move it to the new pass manager
> if that's currently possible, of course.
> This is related to my (out of tree) runtime inlining project and adds
> minimal support for target-level extensions in a similar way to
> addGlobalExtension in the legacy IR PassManagerBuilder...
> https://reviews.llvm.org/D98591
> Regards,
> Raoul Gough.
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