[llvm-dev] [proposal] change default ABI for special riscv arch

Ben Shi via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jun 7 20:12:30 PDT 2021


In the clang's riscv driver,

the default abi is fomulated according to arch if no explicit -mabi is specified.

Is it possible to set the default abi to ilp32f for -march=rv32imacf. For my exployer's chip, HW F is used while SW D is used. Each time I have to write "-march=rv32imacf -mabi=ilp32f“, can it be simplified to only "-march=imacf" ? Just adding a line is enough.

if (MArch.substr(4).contains_lower("f") && !MArch.substr(4).contains_lower("d"))
return "ilp32f";

Can I submit a patch to fix it?


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