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Dang. I watch it on mobile. I see nothing here.

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> Just a friendly reminder to fill out the survey if you want to give input
> on the next LLVM Developers’ meeting. I’ll leave this open for another
> couple days.
> Thanks,
> Tanya
> On May 17, 2021, at 2:11 PM, Tanya Lattner <tanyalattner at llvm.org> wrote:
> LLVM Developers,
> Hello! I know everyone really loves surveys (sarcasm intended), but I
> could really use some input from the community about the fall 2021 LLVM
> Developers' Meeting. This event is typically held in October in San Jose,
> CA.
> Survey: https://forms.gle/f5R3eb5mgu5jyvgt6
> While the pandemic is not over, there is some hope on the horizon for
> in-person events such as conferences and possibly for fall. We did a
> virtual event in the fall 2020 and while it was successful in many ways, it
> did not replicate the benefits of an in-person event.
> Planning a conference usually takes 6-9 months of preparation and dates
> are booked out a year in advance. We are well short of that for the fall
> developers’ meeting, but given my logistics team and I have many years
> experience working together, it is possible to still host an in-person
> event (most likely November and smaller) or a virtual event.
> I would like to get the community’s input on what you would like to happen
> for fall 2021 and if the event should be in-person or virtual.
> *Please submit this survey by June 1st:*
> https://forms.gle/f5R3eb5mgu5jyvgt6
> Thanks,
> Tanya
> Also, if you prefer not to fill out a Google Form, here the questions I
> asked that you can email me with the answer to. It is easier to get
> statistics through the Google Form, but I understand not everyone wants to
> use it.
> Questions:
> Would you attend an in-person LLVM Developers Meeting in October or
> November? *
> The event would meet all government guidelines and restrictions. This
> might include: mask restrictions, distancing and attendance caps. We won't
> know these rules until closer to the event. There are lots of unknowns, so
> please answer to the best of your ability and you can give more information
> on the next question.
> Yes
> No
> Maybe
> Reasons why you answered about attending an in-person event
> Please give us details about why you would or would not attend an
> in-person event.
> Your answer
> Would you have to travel to attend an in-person event? *
> This is to give us an idea where people are coming from which probably
> influences their decision about attending an in-person event.
> Domestic travel within the United States
> International travel to the United States
> Local to the Bay Area, so no major travel
> Other:
> If we can't have an in-person event, would you want a virtual event? *
> This would be a multi-day virtual event with a mixture of live and
> pre-recorded parts.
> Yes
> No
> Maybe
> Reasons why you answered the previous question about a virtual event
> Provide any additional details about why you answered the way you did on
> the previous question.
> Your answer
> If you wanted to give a talk, what type of event would you be willing to
> speak at?
> Often times, traveling is a huge incentive for giving a talk. Recording a
> talk for a virtual event can also be a daunting task. We are trying to
> gauge if we have speakers for both types of events or not.
> Virtual or In-Person
> Only In-Person
> Only Virtual
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