[llvm-dev] Call for participation - New LLVM infrastructure working group

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Fri Jan 15 06:39:14 PST 2021

Hi folks,

*tl;dr*We are happy to announce the LLVM foundation has initiated a new
"Infrastructure Working Group" (IWG). We’re looking for community members
interested in joining the IWG to shape the LLVM development infrastructure.
For details check the current IWG website

LLVM's development infrastructure has grown over the years and progress has
slowed down. Our aging infrastructure, combined with the growth of the
community means we need help upgrading our tools and automations.
Our ever growing community relies on this infrastructure for day-to-day

*Proposed solution*
The LLVM foundation is in the process of launching a new “Infrastructure
Working Group” (IWG) composed of community members. The goal of this
working group is to improve the development infrastructure of the LLVM

The focus of the IWG will be on identifying, designing and agreeing on
infrastructure improvements. The implementation of the changes and the
operations of our infrastructure can be offloaded to community members or
contractors. This way we keep the workload for the working group low.

We would like to have broad and diverse community representation within the
working group as we are convinced such groups deliver the best results.

*Call for participation*
If you’re interested in joining the working group, please reach out to
iwg at llvm.org.
For details check the current IWG website

Also please forward this email to folks who might be interested in joining!

Christian Kühnel
Tanya Lattner
Mike Edwards
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