[llvm-dev] Anyone doing code reviews via mailing lists?

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Fri Apr 23 08:22:46 PDT 2021

Thx Philip,

for sharing this. That helped me better understand how people are
interacting with the mailing lists!

> It's not uncommon to have email responses to phab emails that don't make
> it into the web interface.  A recent example is D99976.
I missed those when scanning the lists! I was looking for a code review
that *started* on the mailing list, but that assumption was wrong.

So it looks like the information we have on the mailing list and in
Phabricator is diverging, as those emails do not get parsed back into
Phabricator. Which is unfortunate as folks not following the llvm-commits
mailing lists (like me) will then not see discussions happening there.

However I do understand that it's sometimes more convenient to reply via
email client than via Phabricator. It looks like Phabricator would
actually support
Not sure how difficult it would be to set that up.

> There's also a bunch of post commit discussion which happens entirely in
> email.  Check any of the commit threads with responses in the last week.
> There are many.
Same here: I missed the replies to commit messages. Here's one example
case someone else is interested.

Discussions about commits could also happen on Phabricator. You can also
reply to commits there, e.g.
https://reviews.llvm.org/rG2f67267a93c87261414a4aa4c6cb9d20a489a0df But
again I understand it is more convenient to do that via an email client.

My conclusions:

   1. Code reviews don't usually **start** on the mailing list.
   2. Folks do use the mailing lists to reply to commit and review emails,
   so we still need those.
   3. For the future we might want to look into parsing these replies back
   into Phabricator to get a consistent view there. Not sure how hard that
   would be to set up.


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