[llvm-dev] Thoughts on alternate meeting time slots for the RISC-V LLVM sync-up?

Alex Bradbury via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 1 07:33:29 PDT 2021

As you may know, we currently hold a RISC-V LLVM contributor call on
alternating Thursday's at 4pm UK local time (4pm UTC or BST depending
on daylight savings). We've stuck to this slot for rather a long time
now, but there have been a few suggestions recently that we consider
alternate slots.

It may be that we're already making the best trade-off we can (I also
understand that GCC now has a RISC-V call on the week that we don't in
the same slot, so there are some disadvantages to moving), but it
would be good to check.

Please reach out to me (directly or in response to this post on
llvm-dev) if it's currently the case that you'd like to attend the
RISC-V call but can't, and give an indication of the sort of changes
that might fix it (e.g. if timezones make it impossible so a totally
different time is needed, or a smaller shift would fix it).

Another possibility would be to alternate between two slots, perhaps
where one of those slots is at a time that's friendlier to the UTC+8

I'll mention this in Monday's LLVM Weekly to ensure a wide audience,
and if it looks like there's hope of finding a time that makes more
people happy than unhappy I'll try a Doodle poll or similar.



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