[llvm-dev] Round Tables at the LLVM Dev Mtg (Submit by 9/25)

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Fri Sep 18 13:04:28 PDT 2020

The 2020 Virtual LLVM Developers’ Meeting will include round tables similar to our in person events. Round tables are informal discussions about a specific topic (more details below). Please submit your round table topic by September 25 here:
https://forms.gle/BBuwhbGJnQCgaHcg8 <https://forms.gle/BBuwhbGJnQCgaHcg8>

Anyone can submit a round table topic, but you will be required to gather the names and emails of a group of individuals  (6-8) that you know will also participate. This is a chance for LLVM Developer’s to get together and talk about ideas, goals, and brain storm solutions. Examples of past topics include: GitHub Transition, Infrastructure, Debug Info, JIT, PGO, etc.

There are several challenges with planning a virtual event. First, our attendance numbers are predicted to be much larger than an in person event. It is great news that more developers will be able to attend, but it makes having discussions at a round table a little more challenging. We need to support a large number of attendees ability to participate and participate in a way that facilitates a good discussion. A video chat with 10 people is much different than a video chat with 100. 

Therefore, we are planning to host round tables on Zoom. These video meetings will have a core group of people who organized the round table with their video on, while the rest of the audience will participate through audio only. We will officially support 4 round tables per time slot and they need to be arranged in advance.

For the impromptu round table discussions that we have had in the past, Whova provides the ability to advertise your own video meeting. We will be providing instructions on how to do this before the event. It will be up to the round table organizers to arrange for the video meeting and find suitable software (Google Meet, Zoom, etc). These will not be on the main agenda but found in the Community section.

If you have questions, please let me know.


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